• Little Beautiful Minds Growth

  • Posted on July 16, 2016
  • Since it was launched in 2002, Toniko Manning Brown has turned her dream, Little Beautiful Minds Primary Academy, into one of the finest childcare facilities in her home town of Metairie, Louisiana, just outside New Orleans. Through her leadership and putting in place an excellent, caring staff, the school has transformed into one with a strong reputation for excellence. The school provides kids with an excellent education through a wide range of well-rounded, appropriate and intellectually stimulating activities.

    The best part may be that they are able to do all of this at an affordable cost that doesn’t send their parents to the poorhouse. To grow, Toniko Manning Brown took a different approach than the usual massive PR blitzes and huge discounts that most schools used to get people in the door. Instead, Toniko decided it was better to provide quality childcare and grow the business through word-of-mouth. It worked. Little Beautiful Minds has become popular enough to have to relocate twice.

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